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Define. Clarify. Develop.

DCD Introspective Marketing helps business professionals bridge the gap between business objectives and marketing efforts.

For over two decades, DCD Introspective Marketing has guided companies of all sizes to become more organized and efficient and offered professional counsel on how to avoid impediments that can lead to disaster. The primary client focus has been with service-oriented professions. Experience has shown repeatedly that developing good communication between disparate business units within the same organization produces positive results. Conversely, there is a negative impact that companies experience when they fail to look inside their organizations and take note of internal inhibitors to success.
Helping business professionals take advantage of the resources that reside right within the confines of their enterprises will not only save considerable marketing costs in the long run, but it will help the organization to (1) acquire new business and develop and maintain current customer/client relationships, (2) project an improved corporate image, (3) more effectively identify and communicate the company’s strengths and competitive advantages, and (4) improve overall employee morale.

Services and Capabilities

Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

From a simple cross-functional training course to implementation of a full-scale computer or web-based training curriculum, DCD Introspective
Marketing helps identify the needs of your staff and work to develop and implement customized training specifically geared to your organization.

Anything you can do to stay organized and free up the creative side of your brain is a good thing.

Chuck Hogan
From the front desk to the file room, DCD Introspective Marketing works with your staff to devise an effective plan for improving the current way files and documents are managed.

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression - with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.

Natalie Massenet
DCD Introspective Marketing manages all the details of creating and implementing an enterprise’s marketing plan, from creating an advertising campaign to developing a corporate-wide marketing strategy, from brainstorming to successful implementation.

Your brand is your public identity, what you're trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed, and expanded as markets evolve. Brands either learn or disappear.

Lisa Gansky
What message is communicated to your customers or clients by your business cards or letterhead? Some business professionals will deny that their letterhead plays a significant role in their corporate image. After all it’s the content that is most important. Right? The truth of the matter is that your letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and brochures do make a difference. Little things matter. Does the letterhead, choice of font, and overall content of correspondence coming from the company give the customer the impression that you know what you’re talking about? Does your organization give the impression that the cost of your product or service is worth what you say it is?
The professional graphic designers and marketing professionals that collaborate with DCD Introspective Marketing are of the highest caliber. Design is their passion. From creating powerful and memorable logo symbols to the unique use of typography, we create a corporate image that commands attention.

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different.

Michael Porter
How can the construction of the Empire State Building relate to more business for your company? Will the lessons learned from a tragic wildfire that occurred in 1949 provide the basis for making individual business units or your entire enterprise more cohesive and productive?
The DCD Introspective Marketing approach to meeting facilitation uses case studies and analogies to ensure that your planning meeting is productive and meaningful. And, the participants come away with a workable action plan.

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What people say?

Working with DCD was fantastic. He helped to keep me focused on what would deliver the most business value with the resources that I had at my disposal. ‬‬

DCD was extremely professional and knowledgeable. DCD has a way of filtering out unnecessary details to find what would be of the greatest value. Working with DCD set my company on a course that has put us ahead of others in my market space.

‪Kevin Dean‬ - President of ManoByte, HubSpot User Group Leader, Inbound Marketing Consultant‬ (Grand Rapids, MI)‬

What people say?

DCD's attention to detail, organizational skills & creativity is astounding! His ability to help you see things that you could never figure out on your own in order to help you grow as a business and as a business professional still amazes me.‬‬

Kevin DeSoto‬ - ‪VP, Change Enablement at Citizens Bank‬ (Providence, RI)‬

What people say?

DCD facilitated a strategic planning meeting early in the formation of our organization. We needed to establish parameters for a national vision. His dynamic facilitation and deliberate process resulted in establishing the necessary components for decision-making for our future. It’s hard to imagine how we could have done it without him.

Kathy McCollett - Operations, Jah-Jireh Homes of America

What people say?

DCD guided us through the process of creating a business identity. He gave clear direction and focused attention on details. The result was a beautiful and professional image for the PCE Insurance Agency. Everything from our business card to our website portrays the look we wanted. I highly recommend DCD. He is a pleasure to be with and his work is top quality!

James Engelking - Owner, PCE Insurance (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)

What people say?

DCD is a true professional in his ability to analyze marketing weaknesses within a company. When working with our company, DCD helped us to see areas that needed improvement to portray the “Quality and Value” image that we wanted our customers to see. DCD’s detail and organizational skills helped us to develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Pete Wierenga - VP, Godwin Plumbing (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)

What people say?

The first time working with DCD was impressive, and every time since has been impressive. His attention to detail and organization, his unhindered creativity, the talents to clearly communicate ideas and provide direction are rare in an individual.

‬‬However, most importantly, he listens and is interested in the needs of all involved.

‬‬Because of these reasons, I recommend DCD for Marketing Consulting, Strategic Communications, Public Relations, and Project Management‬‬

‪Benjamin Bulley‬ - ‪Business Restructuring and Turnaround Consultant for Court Appointed Receivers, Banking Industry and Private Companies‬ (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)‬

What people say?

DCD's process enabled us to . . . be more successful in our marketing and sales efforts. It forced me to be more exact in my approach to enhance our image and message. I’ll be able to attract and close more clients.

‪Kevin J. Gray - President, J. Galt Associates, Inc. (Greater New York Area)

What people say?

We worked together for three years on projects involving business reengineering and human resources for our company. His skills in project coordination and in conceptualizing our future organizational structure contributed to the overall success of our projects.

‪Judah B. Schroeder - International Human Rights Jurist (New York, NY, London, and Hong Kong)

What people say?

From my perspective, Danny’s strongest asset is that he is a right-brained organizer who works well with left-brained creative people and gets their work accomplished in a right-brained setting, leaping over tall technical right-brained issues in a single bound. He works well with both worlds

‪Samantha Christensen - Journalist/Media Liaison (Greater New York Area)

What people say?

I also could observe Danny’s leadership capabilities while holding a marketing seminar at Innovative Concepts One, Inc. . . . Within the shortest time, he grasped the essentials of this service oriented software business, restructured the entire administration efficiently and strengthened the customer base.

‪Axel Hofmann, MBA - Managing Director, DMA GMBH (Vienna, Austria)

What people say?

All I can say is that Danny´s approach is unique. Most marketing professionals claim that they take the time to really understand their client, but Danny’s “introspective” approach really delivers! He spent the time interviewing our staff and the results surprised even the management team. We learned where we needed to adjust our marketing strategy and simplify our sales message. He was able to take complex concepts and communicate them concisely and with clarity.

‪John D. Vermeulen - Managing Director, OPTISAVE, LLC (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)

What people say?

Danny and I have worked together on a number of web-based projects. Our working relationship has been unique in that neither of us is really working for the other, but we've always been able to develop a quality product for our mutual clients. That says alot about the skill Danny has in assessing a client's needs and communicating that to others.‬‬eam. We learned where we needed to adjust our marketing strategy and simplify our sales message. He was able to take complex concepts and communicate them concisely and with clarity.

‪‪Alan Fore‬ - Graphic Designer and Portrait Artist‬ (Buchanan, MI)

What people say?

I am a real estate broker and I was looking to revamp my web presence and overall image. I needed help because one can never really evaluate how they are coming across to others. Danny helped me with a very informative “Introspective Assessment” which helped me to focus on the things I need to do to present the image I am trying to put out, and to decide where best to spend my money in getting there.

‬‬ ‪I rehired Danny to help me develop my logo and my tagline which he did with the same level of skill as the assessment.

‬‬ ‪Danny was professional, creative and invaluable to the process I am going through. I would recommend him to anyone. In fact I plan to continue to use his services.‬‬

‪‪David Sweeney‬ - REO Broker at REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc.‬ (Greater New York City Area)‬

What people say?

My experience working with Danny DeMatteis and DCD Introspective Marketing to develop an “image” Press Kit for my business was powerful, profitable, and pleasant. Danny made the task of completing this project almost easy! ‬‬

‪As a small business owner, I was impressed with his ability to capture my vision for the business and translate that vision into a product that truly reflects my style and my approach to the market. Danny accomplished this by listening intently, analyzing effectively, and offering alternatives that were clearly different, but “on point.” The final product is obviously a “step up” for Mencer Group LLC. I am pleased with the result!

‬‬ ‪Throughout the project, Danny was action oriented and results focused. When I wandered around in the fog of marketing creativity or drifted off to the lure of pressing business, Danny gently but effectively kept us moving. He followed up effectively without being intrusive!

‬‬ ‪I am happy to recommend DCD Introspective Marketing and Danny to any business interested in defining or fine tuning their image.‬‬

‪‪‪Curt Mencer‬ - Custom Training Developer and Presenter‬ (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)‬‬

What people say?

Danny is the person that you want in the room when making the decisions that will effect the long term viability of a company. From marketing and sales to business process engineering and strategy, Danny is a strong leader with the instincts necessary to gain the trust and admiration of his staff.

‬‬ ‪Danny is a powerful talent and my career owes a debt of gratitude to his mentoring. I recommend Danny without reservation to anyone who wants the chance to learn from a true heavyweight.‬‬

‪‪‪Jeremy Hoogsteen‬ - Managing Director at Experis‬ (Raleigh-Durham, NC)‬‬‬

What people say?

He created a marketing plan that was exactly what I was after. Danny has a “get it done” personality. He had the ability to grasp the concept, determine the tasks necessary to accomplish the project and then march through those tasks. He was one of the best I have ever seen.

‪‪‪Patrick S. Lemon - ERP Implementation Manager - Finance at Spartan Motors, Inc. (Lansing, MI)‬‬‬

What people say?

Danny developed a marketing approach that maximized the return on the time, effort, and resources that were expended. For the first time in the company’s history, all elements of the marketing efforts were truly in sync with one another.

‪‪‪Ernie Johnston - Vice President of Information Technology, Paladigm, Inc. (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)‬‬‬

What people say?

Danny’s ‘introspective’ approach helped us to look at our business from a fresh perspective. He encouraged us to educate our own staff first and then focus on our customers and prospects. He and his design team took the words that describe our services and presented them in a fresh and distinctive manner.

‪‪‪Sherri Amstutz - Account Director at Appirio (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)

What people say?

Danny takes a realistic approach to marketing. He recognizes that no marketing effort will ever meet with success unless inhibitors within an organization are identified and adjusted. Whether it’s a product or service, Danny will fine-tune and tailor an action plan that will take a concept and make it reality.

‪‪‪Sherri Sharp - President, Sharp Marketing (Greater Grand Rapids, MI)

What people say?

He articulated goals and objectives, created action plans with definite results and timeliness. He has the ability to lead work teams in a very customer-focused direction without sacrificing the feelings of the team members.

‪‪‪Diane Schweitzer - Food Service Director—School City of Hammond (Hammond, IL)


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